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Sunday, February 10, 2008

For The Time Being: From CDO to Ubec with Love

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Time really fleets so fast that I could even barely believe that it has been over a year and so now that I have become a foster resident of this uber-cool place I call my second home. The oldest city of the country as recorded, the queen city of the south as it is more popularly known, and one of the adventure capitals of the south as tagged by many, Cebu is the name.

 For over a year and so of staying here, Cebu has been so warm and welcoming to me, the same way as I am so grateful to her. I haven't even thought of staying this extended here because in the first place, I have never yet gone out that long from my hometown that which just even in mere thoughts of it, I always hesitantly opted not to because I have the tendency to get so nostalgic and all, aside from the fear of perplexity and uncertainty on things that might happen to me when I’m totally out from my very own abode, and much more out from the city where I am born and raised with.

Giving credit to my hometown, CdO of course is seemingly as welcoming and guiding to me too. It is there where I became what I am at the very moment; I mean I’ve had a wonderful education there, nurtured my beliefs, gone working from one company to another, had my share of and somehow enjoyed the hustling and bustling twist and turns of everything life has to offer, have met and built my foundation of a lasting relationship with an other-half, and somehow gained a few set of good friends worth keeping for. Not to mention a loving family you go home to every after the end of day. Yup, nothing really beats that assuring feeling within the place you call your very own.

But for some inexplicable reasons, no matter how propitiously you try to not let the unpalatable things happen, a time could always come forth prompting you to get away from all the things you have gotten used to and grown up with though not forever but just for a time being.

Moving forward and starting a life some place else is proven uneasy for a neophyte like me especially considering the first few months where I had to bear and deal with some crucial adjustments; sleeping not in the very own comfort of my bed, gasping in order to get hold to a different kind of smell airing around an unfamiliar place, the struggle of longing to see the usual faces and places you are used to see, and so on. But thank heavens, eventually I got the hang of this quite obnoxious or unhealthy feeling because I know for myself the reason why I finally decided to temporarily depart from where my heart is. And that’s what keeping me heads up and somehow on track up to this time.

Cebu is not actually a complete strange place to me. When we used to go on vacation in San Carlos, Negros Occidental where my mum’s lineage is, Cebu is basically our drop-off point, particularly Toledo City, Cebu. But despite some relatives living within Cebu city itself, we haven’t actually gotten that much time and chance to goof around the city other than making it as a connecting point going to Negros. Even though we haven’t had the chance of knowing Cebu more, it somehow made me to get familiar with some well-known spots every time we passed by the city itself. Well, for one, I had no other clever way of enjoying these every little chances but by just merely making some nice views etched to tangible memory by the use of a cheap disposable camera. But then as time passed by and due to some inevitable circumstances, going on vacation has become less and less observed in the family. So with the lesser chances of seeing the unparalleled beauty Cebu has as it transitionally goes along with time and modern age.

That was why when I remember stepping my foot in after such a long time of not being back in Cebu, to not just simply make it as a drop-off point but to finally live in and become a part of the place, I was quite amazed by how it has already become now. From the port where the passenger vessel I was with was about to dock, seeing alone some towering buildings like that in highly industrialized cities, already spoke off the magnanimous changes it has made along the years. From the place how I used to see it, by far it has gone a long long way already. Now, that alone too made the uncertainties to agitate and crumble again at the back of my head. I even said to my self, "now if this is going to be like Manila, how will I go over the fast-paced like environment in which I am completely not used to, worst of all, not even ready ton engaged with. Darn! Here goes nothing. Bring it on!" Well, hey! I had to give it it try though. Things might work out really well here than
to where I originally came from, and I was not mistaken at all.

With so much inhibitions at hand plus the thought of having so many things to cope with but too little time to do so in a speedy adaptive manner, I say I was able to endure and somehow surmount life’s pressure under a new place in which I confidently call now my second home of refuge. Though I was undermined by many instances already along side the innumerable boom and bust I struggled within a year and so of being here in Cebu, I couldn’t care less of them at all because I know they just resonated so well to my sincere intention of being here. Little did I know then that everything was starting to get paid off and made me to say they are but worth having after all. Apart from that, I couldn’t have endured much of them too without the presence and support of my significant someone who’s also come to decide to live and start anew with me in this new-found sojourn. Thus I wouldn’t care much if we will be spending another 5 years here in Cebu, it’s for sure a
thing to optimistically look forward too.

Truly Cebu has offered me a lot of viable opportunities in which I couldn’t imagine to have much in my hometown. And that’s why I’m very grateful for. I owe Cebu big time. Paving my way to life’s ever-changing possibilities, I would not have come closer this much to Cebu seeing how wonderful and welcoming this City is not only to her locales but even more to her visitors. Thanks Cebu. I say, Pit Senyor!!

Photo Credits: Kim Yanez (www.facebook.com/sebastianrain)


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