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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Lighter Approach to Frustrations

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If this good old memory still serves me right, there was this time in my high-school years where I wrote to a friend's slam book(slam booking, for the benefit of the present gen, is a phenomenal fad during the early 90's where in you need to fill in some sort of a biographical questions listed).

This friend had to ask me a couple of times (which because of her being annoying that time, I finally gave in to the request) to write something about my self in her slam book for her keepsake, as something that could perhaps remind her of me some day—and so I did since I also thought it's fun to do. You know, it's where you answer basic questions like what's your full name, your birth date, your fave color, fave movie, fave motto in life, yadi yada. I tell you, some slam books would like take you forever finish for it mostly has 3 to 5 pages of purposely embedded questions you have to go through. I even joked about it since it's like you're in a never-before-seen one hour sitting Q & A portion of a beauty contest. Grrr.... but nonetheless, I somehow had some good moments filling them up plus the fact that I was also giving favor to a good friend of mine—who could resist that in the first place--laughs.

Monday, March 2, 2009


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I sometimes find it amusing and slightly ridiculous when people act completely the opposite of how you knew them to be. I'm not sure if they're just doing it because of the situation they're in which prompted the sudden act of bipolarity or,  it's a choice one desperately needs to do for the sake of fitting in.

Though abrupt changes of persona doesn't necessarily mean one has to do something extraordinaire—on second thought, at times it's a must though--, but I can't just help but raise my brows and utter, why the heck you need to drastically rob elbows even to the extent of  kissing someone's a** just to meet a certain wavelength? I understand though that we all have our own unique adaptive persona to either camouflage us or, for us to jive in to every one else. Thus, this unique adaptive persona becomes a useful tool to mankind's harmonious relationship. But going beyond the limits of its design is a complete deviance to the rule. Mind you, it now becomes a weapon—an unlikely deadly, filthy, backstabbing weapon.

Some have mastered this art by not making it too obvious, but for some who likes changing skin so often just for fun messily overdoes the so-called

Friday, February 27, 2009

Every thing's Brewing According to His Concoction by IamJett Cortez Ramao on Friday, February 27, 2009

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“Let me tell you this… It’s not ours, but His, cup of tea.”

Just as I thought of it, life will always be a roller-coaster ride, a so called bitter-sweet journey. No matter what spectrum you are looking at, it will always be what it is.

Since then, I’ve come to accept that struggles and triumphs can’t live with out each other. They simply coexist, no matter how tactfully you streamline your life in the hope of completely eradicating the difficult, one over the other always will emerge—sooner or later. I even sometimes whine it out saying, “Heck! Why do we have to run in circles?”. O well, I gather it could really be life’s original blueprint—fair enough ain’t it? I bet so.

The purpose of this writing is not to sob about life’s tragedies and difficulties but just to vent out my thoughts in the above regard. Like every one else I guess, at one point in our lives, we have had our share of life’s influx of good fortune and blessings—love, good income, love-ones and so on–that which we should

On Bb. Pilipinas-World 2008: Latest sizzling object of Ridicule?

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The buzz and fuss youtube has on 2008 Bb. Pilipinas-World winner: Philippines' latest laughing stock?

Some said: Blame it to her English teachers. Huh? O well yeah, I say, partly yes I guess. To start with, if we think we have a number of teachers who can’t effectively teach English, then why aren’t you(we) teaching instead to fill the gap?

I believe the thing here is we leave the profession in the care of those who may have the heart to do the job but are not as qualified as we hope some of them to be. Then we criticize the output if it’s not within our expectation.

If we want more competence then let's start to lead by example. We can start by building our competence right now right where we are, instead of having so much luxury time focusing on what’s happening apathetically; like on personalities and their idiocies.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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Like I always say to myself, there will always be a good time to rest from the struggles of not to be strapped onto life's interminable treadmill of work, depression and success.

Life is fragile, as I recall reading that line from somewhere. It is, I should agree. But life is not only fragile, it is fleeting as well.

When you’re young, though, you don’t realize this so you squander away your time and energy on matters of no consequence. You do not think of life on such temporal terms unless you are afflicted with terminal illness or see someone close to you die.

Youth infuse us with a misguided sense of invincibility so that we rarely make the effort to live a purposeful and productive life. When we're young, the only thing we think about is who to have a great time. We foolishly live like we have forever. But we don't.

As you go on with your age, however, life somehow just seems shorter—so many things to do, so little time. The reality is that it is foolhardily to live like tomorrow will always arrive because you know deep down you fool no one but yourself when you think you can live forever. You know that even if you don't talk about it, even if you fear it, even if you reject it, death is certain.

I read some time ago that the average age of the adventure traveler is 45. I wondered why. Now I know why.

At 25, you desire adventure too—but of a different kind. At 25, you desire to see and be seen—with right people. And so you find joy in the party scene, collecting as many acquaintances along the way because at that age, the most important thing for you is to belong, to be accepted, to be seen as cool and hip by your peers. At 25, death by social suicide is so not acceptable.

At 45, however, you desire to find meaning in life. The party scene bores you. You no longer care to see and be seen because at this age, the concept of social suicide is moot and academic. You have come into your own. You no longer need affirmation from your fellow mortals. Now you need affirmation from a Higher Being.

And so you climb mountains, jump off cliffs and dive into the deep—to test your limits and perhaps to test your mortality. You search far and wide to look for what is novel and eccentric not what is popular and mainstream. Knowledge you have but it is insight you hunger for.

I many ways, the adventure traveler's physical journey runs parallel to her spiritual journey. As she searches for new people, places and experiences, she also searches for significance in her life.At 25, your significance is hedged on finding some one who completes you. At 45, the search for significance completes you.

At 25, you believe you have forever. At 45, you understand that life is fragile and fleeting—that very second counts. And yet nothing has essentially changed. Time is not moving faster than when you were 25. The one thing that has changed is you.

Your actions are no longer dictated by some social barometer. Your moods no longer rise and fall along with the popularity index. You have come to terms with mortality. Now, you want to set your priorities. You have arrived. Now you want to know how to depart gracefully from this life.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the “WHATEVER!” expression: Misconstrued or really disparaging?

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WhateverI just made a rare chance to look into one of the most read Cebu tabloids this recent Sunday and a particular column got me somehow auspicious to it. It's not really so much of my interest to read the papers, but since Kim asked me to buy one after church, I just took the time to loosely browse through the pages. Unknowingly I ended up reading this certain article under, if I may recount it right, the lifestyle section.

This column was made possible by two, I should say, talented columnists who apparently share good vibe and rapport in discussing soft core but rational and factual social issues and topics that are mostly brought in by many of us not just due to what's in and what's not but are also relevant social agendas needing careful attention.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do You Have Any Of These Fools?

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The common signs of envious bitter
insecure people are as follows:

1. They look for imperfections in you.

--- At the highest level of your very
best they will still manage to find even
the tiniest flaws you have.

2. They will try their best to put you

--- Beware for they will take the
sense out from you. They call themselves
as the self-proclaimed pseudo omnipotent
freaks having nothing else to do in
their lives but make your day worse than
you can imagine. Just don't let them get
in to your nerves.

3. They boast about themselves.

--- No thing can best describe them as
being the lurking conceited assholes at
your corners. Airheads?!! For pits' sake back off please!

4. They will accuse you of things that
are not true.

--- They will never ask you for
explanations much more reading in
between the lines. What they see is what
they think of you so be careful on what
you do.

Take these from me.. iAMjett

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