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Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the “WHATEVER!” expression: Misconstrued or really disparaging?

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WhateverI just made a rare chance to look into one of the most read Cebu tabloids this recent Sunday and a particular column got me somehow auspicious to it. It's not really so much of my interest to read the papers, but since Kim asked me to buy one after church, I just took the time to loosely browse through the pages. Unknowingly I ended up reading this certain article under, if I may recount it right, the lifestyle section.

This column was made possible by two, I should say, talented columnists who apparently share good vibe and rapport in discussing soft core but rational and factual social issues and topics that are mostly brought in by many of us not just due to what's in and what's not but are also relevant social agendas needing careful attention.
What I got from the whole write up as I pleased my self to read it more, was mainly about “indifference” in all sorts. Touching and relating mostly everything from affairs of the heart down to your not-so-ordinary life, relationships, ideologies and even at work.

At some certain point of this article, a subtopic arose regarding saying “whatever” as the so-called popular simple expression of indifference nowadays. One of the columnists even defined saying “whatever” as the most tangible oral manifestation of indifference and is seemingly synonymous to saying “I don’t care” or ‘leave me alone”.

This was evidently one of the reasons why this write up caught my full receptive attention and made me thought of veering my own unsolicited insights about the matter.

It is safe to say that this has indeed become one of the popular expressions these days and never would have I thought that because it's so casually utilized if not overrated, it also has already become that hard-hitting and offensive at a certain extent. I used to always think that it's just but a simple bunkum utterance, not until it made me to slightly feel squeamish about it as I had my first hand encounter of the word exquisitely done by some one I know. Well, I don't typically take offense on any jokes made on me, more so, expressions as such. But then it seemed to me that it has already gone too much.

What makes it even more rubbishly annoying and so getting in to the nerves is when it's being said complete with the rolling of eyes and fingers in “w” sign. Now will you still picture it as some sort of an ordinary balderdash expression? Nah, I don’t think so. Moreover, even with or without the insinuating preppy actions still I personally find the expression disparaging in one way or so amidst all the claims that it’s just but only an indirect form of expression.

If you’ll ask why the hell should it bother me? Well because like everything else in this world, there are limits as to what our senses can take in, like knowing until to what extent such expressions or actions can be condoned and tolerated. I mean all things I believe have their own wear and tear tendencies, the same thing with the usage of the said figure of speech. It's also given that  to some, it is as nothing as a simple just-don’t-mind-it expression and would just pass cold shoulders; but hey not all people are that insensitive as some say they are despite the truth that they’re not really what they are claiming to be. Darn, I guess all we need is a little bit of knowing every boundaries this world has on everything and perhaps you’ll get the whole picture.

Another thing is since saying “whatever” is said to be a factual form of indifference, and thus when you meet this indifference in a person, it is like trying to walk through an emotional quicksand. It can suck the life out of you since indifference itself by definition separates, is hopeless, is cynical, despairs, cannot be bothered or doesn’t want to get involved. You see how life can be intertwined in one way or another? A simple utterance as that still has deep-rooted meanings that are far way off from what we can really think of even if you say you just speak for it out of the blue, unconsciously or meaninglessly. I mean it’s like tolerating garbage, corruption and the like. We allow desperation to creep in to our lives even if say you’re always on guard and ready to repel from it all the time.

Yeah right, you might not really get why I’m whining over a what you call not-so-big-thingy. I may sound like making a fuss and trying hard to sour grape, you might as well think I’m trying to totally eradicate the expression because of the sole reason I am so disgusted about it. I am just actually venting out my points of view because I know for myself such thing has been so bluntly overrated and insensibly overused that using it casually is not well tolerated by everyone else, and that every person has his own saturation over certain matters. Come to think of it. you might want to pull some things over and keep them to a minimum.

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