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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Lighter Approach to Frustrations

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If this good old memory still serves me right, there was this time in my high-school years where I wrote to a friend's slam book(slam booking, for the benefit of the present gen, is a phenomenal fad during the early 90's where in you need to fill in some sort of a biographical questions listed).

This friend had to ask me a couple of times (which because of her being annoying that time, I finally gave in to the request) to write something about my self in her slam book for her keepsake, as something that could perhaps remind her of me some day—and so I did since I also thought it's fun to do. You know, it's where you answer basic questions like what's your full name, your birth date, your fave color, fave movie, fave motto in life, yadi yada. I tell you, some slam books would like take you forever finish for it mostly has 3 to 5 pages of purposely embedded questions you have to go through. I even joked about it since it's like you're in a never-before-seen one hour sitting Q & A portion of a beauty contest. Grrr.... but nonetheless, I somehow had some good moments filling them up plus the fact that I was also giving favor to a good friend of mine—who could resist that in the first place--laughs.

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