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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Lighter Approach to Frustrations

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If this good old memory still serves me right, there was this time in my high-school years where I wrote to a friend's slam book(slam booking, for the benefit of the present gen, is a phenomenal fad during the early 90's where in you need to fill in some sort of a biographical questions listed).

This friend had to ask me a couple of times (which because of her being annoying that time, I finally gave in to the request) to write something about my self in her slam book for her keepsake, as something that could perhaps remind her of me some day—and so I did since I also thought it's fun to do. You know, it's where you answer basic questions like what's your full name, your birth date, your fave color, fave movie, fave motto in life, yadi yada. I tell you, some slam books would like take you forever finish for it mostly has 3 to 5 pages of purposely embedded questions you have to go through. I even joked about it since it's like you're in a never-before-seen one hour sitting Q & A portion of a beauty contest. Grrr.... but nonetheless, I somehow had some good moments filling them up plus the fact that I was also giving favor to a good friend of mine—who could resist that in the first place--laughs.

Actually when I recount writing on that slam book, there's this one question from one of its pages that still pokes my head every time I'm caught by my own personal dilemmas in life. It is where I was asked “How do you see your self 10 years from now?”

I'm quite certain you've also come across this question at some point in your earlier days and I bet so too that you've managed to answer it your way—either personally or, through a slam book too. ^_^

As for me, I remember answering that question confidently and... a little less unconsciously different from the usual. I am not really sure if these were the exact words I wrote then to answer it but it goes something like, “I see my self 10 years from now enjoying anything this life could offer. Come what may”.

For some, I guess they would answer the question concretely something like, “I see my self 10 years from now as a successful doctor of medicine, attorney perhaps, or a noble teacher like Miss this and that”. Well pardon me and no offense to any one, but for teen agers to be asked by such a question on a slam book, it is likely that a general and much common answer is given.

I didn't exactly pondered much on why I had to answer the question that way not until I've come to this age.

It is evident they say that people who lavishly reap the fruits of labor are those who set concrete long-term goals in their lives. This is where dreams and aspirations get in. Our dreams and aspirations influence us greatly, as it is like the same driving force which each of our personal icons that we look up to bring forth to us. And definitely they play a major role in molding the person you'll become in the unforeseeable future. This holds true enough to many and a little surrealistic to some. That includes me too, I guess. Many have claimed human mind is restless and erratic. Most often our vast interests overtake many of the things we envisioned from the onset, or else from the time you wrote on a slam book.

As they say, too many things to do, too little time at hand. Having said that, you try hard to gracefully wedge yourself in to this and that because it's current, it's hip and fun or simply because many say it gives back a lot and you think it fulfills something in your bottomless uncertainties—whatever you call it in you.hehehe. For all you know, one day, you've already made your self jack of all trades. Master of Many. O well, I guess that's a good credit to take part in. Would probably like it better than an MD or PHD after my full name. ^_^

But seriously though, it is starting to appear to me now that I'm bigger than what life has already set for me. No wonder why I took that answer to the question. However, what still slightly baffles me is yeah I have lots of things in mind wanting to be done but do I have the enough energy, drive and a much more time to run them all together at once. I mean in this fast-paced world you have to keep yourself abreast to all if you don't want to be left behind. A rat race world as it is niched to date. It is really sometimes hard to stay on track for a number of viable or not so viable accomplishments you want to get done in your lifetime. Worst part is, you tend to end up lost in a whirlpool of pressures and confusions. Now that really sucks for a frustration!

Okay, I believe that no matter how erratic a mind can get or how well-managed a life can be, frustrations always get its way. Even if you have set realistic goals and are driven enough to get them all at once, your natural hunger for more will still crave you making you feel unsatisfied even if obviously it is already what it is you have grasped. And this starts to be your life-long, hi-breed frustration—the hunger for more and more than what you have already gotten. This will eventually consume you then.

On a lighter note, any effort will always pay off no matter what outcome it gives you. One way or another a sincere effort brings a sense of fulfillment, regardless if the effort make or break your dreams.

While there's still more to accomplish in this life time, it's still far-fetched that you'll have them all at once, but then again, they definitely are not impossible to have, one at a time. Yes, I may not be that completely fulfilled yet as of this time but I'm heads up high to say that some of my personal accomplishments have proven something, though not to the whole wide world..yet. More than that too, I've come to realize that failures and frustrations of life will never ever make you less of a person.

How about you? What's your life's itinerary? Are you up to it or you're making it far behind schedule? I guess you need not to worry about it after all.


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