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Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Sweat

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Just as some glands produce more oil, your sweat glands produce more sweat (perspiration). Perspiration is very important as it helps your body regulate its temperature.

You have two different kinds of sweat glands. The first type – called ‘eccrine’ glands – produce perspiration that is clear and odourless. These glands start working as soon as you are born. The second type – called ‘apocrine’ glands –only become active when you start puberty. They produce a different kind of perspiration which smell unpleasant when it comes in contact with bacteria on the skin. This smell is known as B.O. (body odour).

A lot of apocrine glands are located under your arms, so many people use underarm deodorants or antiperspirants to control the smell. These are two different kinds of product.
  • Deodorants – these are basically perfumes which mainly help to mask or cover up B.O. Body sprays area a type of deodorant.
  • Antiperspirants – these help stop B.O. from developing by reducing underarm wetness – a main cause of underarm B.O.
All antiperspirants area deodorants, but not all deodorants are antiperspirants. Deodorants and antiperspirants come in many different shapes and fragrances – try them out and select the one that works best for you. But remember: only an antiperspirant will actually stop the sweat. So, if you want to feel dry and smell good all day, you could use an antiperspirant every day after your shower or bath.

Did you know?
  • Men and women have different types of sweat. Female sweat can be u to 10 times more alkaline than male sweat. That’s why women might want to choose an antiperspirant that’s especially designed for them.
Top tip: the first step to keeping clean is to wash!
A daily bath or shower gets rid of the dirt and  oil on your skin, and reduces the bacteria that can lead to odour. You clothes can absorb body odour as well -  so take a shower after gym classes or any strenuous activity that has caused you to sweat than normal, and make sure you change into clean clothes.

Curioser and curioser
Sweat glands are everywhere on your body, except your lips and ears. Each person has about 2.5 million of them.

Perspiration is triggered by:
  • Heat            
  • Exercise          
  • Pain
  • Physical stress          
  • Mental stress
  • Hormonal changes

‘I like using a deodorant body spray because it smells really nice. But I also make sure I use an antiperspirant deodorant under my arms because this stops me from sweating and getting BO’

Did you know?
  • Females have a lot more ‘apocrine glands than males. 
  • If all your ‘eccrine’ glands worked at maximum output, they would produce about 10 times of perspiration a day!


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