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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Life is but
                To stress your nerves to the brink
                To entanggle your self with vanities
                To wallow in endless nightmares
                To pause for breath.

Love is but
                A duel with sadness and despair
                A humor amidst tragedy
                A perfection of a kiss to death
                A need to qualify life.

I am but
                A dot in amountain of fools
                A loser so destined
                A man trying to move a mountain
                Yet a mole he cannot.

This poem is but
                An array of meaningless words
                Yet it is a game to be played
                Like a child
                Who never tires with his toys.

And you are but
                A big mindless paper
                So white yet so blank
                So diluted innocence
                So used yet so clean.

Life is never say time out
                In thin rotten and unfree world.


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