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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fiestas: Pinoy™ (Pinoy Trademark)

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Filipinos are very complacent and fatalistic people. There are easily satisfied and contented with the life given to them by their creator. It is in the way they triumph like reeds over oak trees after a devastating storm; it is in going with the flow and swaying with the wind that make them a distinct people. The dust in the barrios, the pest-attacked crops, the stench of garbage reaching the nostrils of the slums, the whole monotony of putting up with the challenges of life are all taken in by the Filipinos not with angst but with contentment. And yet, town fiestas that are lavishly thrown obviously exceed the family budget for basic necessities for a whole year.

Town fiestas are not times for wallowing in poverty. It is a time when financial crisis is forgotten and the Filipinos seem to acquire Herculean strength enough to move heaps of credits that had taken its toll through the years out of their minds an lure some unlucky lender to loan them a few thousands just so a handful of friends and bucketful of strangers-a.k.a.-opportunists could forage on afritada, dinuguan, adobo, humba and other Filipino gourmet classics. Of the course, a pig roasted to crispness called lechon never loses its place on top of the list of the Filipino palate.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

All About Amore (January 26, 2004)

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From that unbecoming startle reflex of an Tegenaria Duellica encounter (see ‘Freaked’) last week, I unearthed a few pieces of my early compositions. One of which has a working title “All About Amore”, and since we’re about to make way for the love month, I thought that posting it here would be as timely as we welcome February 2011. Coincidentally, the following work was made just a few days before the love month in year 2004.

All About Amore (January 26, 2004)

“Love makes the world go round.” A mere utterance of people who are simply but optimists of such a devoting and equally weakening emotion. We always hear this from these kind of people while many would plainly regard it as an overrated prominent answer when asked about the meaning of Love. But what does it really mean? 

Nobody has gone close to the definition of love, simply because the best definition lies within us. I could recall somebody made mention that Love is when two people discover each other in their vast emptiness that is much of modern life and hold out their hands to one another. Another one also explained that real Love begins when two people discover the loneliness and the need of each other and realize that they can do something for the other. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Social Media Optimization

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The World Wide Web, more known to be the Internet, is a powerful tool that enables the entire world to connect, making it by far an influential market the business world has ever seen. While owning and maintaining a website gives one a full advantage in promoting a business from one end of the world to the next, social networking is also becoming at par of the same said purpose.

While search engine optimization is the best way to make sure that your website is being indexed properly by search engines so that it receives a lot of clicks, social networking on the other side, is about making use of social media sites not for the sole intention of connecting with friends but to market your website or your product, and knocking down the walls of that social media site so that your website's content can be found easily as well as shared with the entire community with just the click of a button.

You will never be able to reach a market that is as expansive and as active as all of the active daily users of the Internet, more specifically the daily active users of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and the like.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swiped out: Making Credit Cards Work for You

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Do you always get that itch to buy anything you see when you're in a shopping mall? That pressured feeling of wanting it so bad which almost translates to the thought of you killing anyone who'd dare get in your way of having it. Many of us can surely relate and many of us too would attest that owning multiple credit cards paired with an impulsive shopping behavior only means one thing, a big trouble in your expenses.

A credit card is similar to a double-edged sword – it can either help or harm you, depending on how you handle it. Here are three easy-to-remember ways to get the most out of your expenses with a credit card.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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“Life itself will purify our hope step by step if we live with a passion for the possible. As we go forwards, the apparent limits of the possible will be pushed back further and further into the region of the seemingly impossible. Sooner or later we realize that the possible  has no fixed limits. What we mistook for a limit proved to be a horizon. And, like every horizon, it recedes as we go on toward fullness of life.”
---- From Gratefulness, The heart of Prayer. An Approach to Life in Fullness.

The swallow said to her young fledglings, “You can fly, come on! You can do it, I’m sure.” The fledglings looked down from the nest. How far below the ground seemed to be! The temptation to remain in the safety of the nest was very strong indeed. But the urgings of their mother were stronger still. They hoisted themselves up on the crest of the nest, took a deep breath and, trembling with fear, they threw themselves into the abyss. And they flew!

The doe said to her newborn fawn, “You can stand up, come on! You can do it, I’m sure.” But the task seemed impossible. With his wobbling legs and their terrible awkwardness and the added fact of his own weakness, he couldn’t figure out how in the world he would ever negotiate the erect position. But his mother kept nudging him. She, at least, seemed to think he could do it. So he threw caution to the winds, made a desperate effort and, eyes widened with near-panic, heaved himself on his four unsteady limbs. He was standing!

The mother said to her young baby, “You can talk, come on! You can do it, I’m sure. Say ‘ma-ma’. Say it, dear. Ma-ma. Ma-ma.” The infant wanted so much to utter those beautiful sounds. But how? His lips wouldn’t obey. And his cheeks seemed made of rubber. But his mother kept coaxing him on. Obviously she thought he could do it. So, just to please her, he watched her mouth, braced himself and, with a frown of concentration, let out a resounding “ma-ma.” He could talk!


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Today, around 4pm.

Was scanning through some dusty old portfolios from the cabinet when out of nowhere a ''Tegenaria duellica", better known as a house spider, jumped over!

Yours truly instinctively backed off and made a disturbing 'eek'.

Fiercely looking at the spider while it crawled its way to refuge, yours truly, stiffened at the corner of his room, was only made to murmur in his head the words....

                                   "You're nothing but a second  rate trying hard.... BOOBY TRAP!"

Bwahahaha..May ra! Kuratan panagsa! :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

For Mindset Marketing Services

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FACT: We are all in dire want to make our respective businesses profit the way we envisioned them before their inception. Hence, it's never enough to just rely on word of mouths if you want to get ahead of others.

With the advent of and a wider access to a more advanced technology these days, spreading the good news about your business has never become breezier as ever. This is also true in terms of getting NOTICED and becoming a prospect of almost everybody else.

Ergo, getting your business visible in virtual reality has been getting to be a more strategic approach to increase marketability in this world wide web era. A business without a website to expand its market these days means trouble! But don't just limit your business to owning a flashy website, rather get it to work as how it's intended to be.

Bon Appetit

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I'm grateful I was taught to work my way in the kitchen at such a young age. Though it sucks to admit that I'm still not a pro when it comes to cooking rice (except when done from a rice cooker), I can definitely be relied on wetting your appetite with a few dishes I know how to prep; from locally known staple foods like adobo and sinigang to the not so ordinary buttered chicken, chopsuey, lengua estofada, fine dine salads and pastas.

In my next upcoming blogs, I'd be featuring some of my home-made style dishes done with a twist.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Ninaog na si Baboy"

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Riding on a scanty PUV here in our country for somebody who's physically-challenged has never become as easy as 1-2-3. I’d say the same for those having quite an issue with the word size.

Speaking of which, we’ve all been hearing about the adage “size does not matter.” And by the said of it, I urge that we deviate from its usual context for the time being since it will not serve the purpose of this writing.

I am taking this liberty to place in to written words what my sister and I witnessed on a ride going to Cogon, CDO one time. This was during the holiday rush when we were on board a public utility vehicle locally known as a multi-cab. A hefty guy, just before our cab hit the junction where the old Carmen bridge is, hailed on us.The vehicle was not that cram full so the driver pulled over to let the guy in. Not to sound disparaging whatsoever, but this guy's literally huge I was even worried if he could manage to fit himself in knowing the size of the multi-cab as compared to a regular jeepney. So as to somehow lessen the guy’s trouble of stepping into the cab, the rest of us concern passengers sidled up and gave way by moving ourselves further in instead of the usual Pinoy trait when inside a passenger vehicle, that is “since you came last, you go straight ahead to the nook.”

Friday, January 21, 2011


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Chef Rosebud Benetiz of Quickfire has recently been touring and invading major cities all over the Philippines to showcase and feature delicacies including popular local ingredients for her 10 minute cooking show at Qtv. And just last year sometime in December, she also visited the City of Golden Friendship and shot an episode or two in Cogon Market.

One of the episodes featured her cooking a quick version of Fried Ham Sandwich ala C.D.O using a special ham as her star ingredient, a product from CDO’s pride SLERS.

When I was a kiddo then, every time we passed by the wide street of Velez, I often take notice of this store. I even mistakenly thought of it as an ice cream parlor because their signage that time, as my childish eyes see it then, is close to that of Selecta (LoL). Little did I know eventually that SLERS is just but a ham shop.

But hey! I figured it’s not just your regular ham shop next door. SLERS is popularly known to be makers of farmland hams, glazed and smoked to excellence. With its delectable chicken ham and beef pastrami, that which they are mostly identified from and two of its trademark sandwiches, Cagay-anons and visitors alike at the cafe are sure to relish their succulent meals. The world-class trademark foods will make each guest’s culinary and gastronomic sojourn to SLERS a sure hit memorable one.

Its inception was made possible by Madame Ofelia “Fely” Pelaez sometime in 1969 in Del Monte, Bukidnon as just a personal culinary venture which then shifted gears to a small time family business. Madame Fely during those times, was accustomed to prepare country style hams for the plantation employees every Yule Tide Season . This small-scale home industry soon burgeoned and now offers a wide array of meat products such as Pinoy staples tocino and longganisa, hotdog and bacon, including the classic Jamon de Cagayan de Oro.The business name SLERS is said to be a combination of initials of the sons and daughters of Madame Fely.

CDO is proud to have SLERS on its sleeves, which is distinguished to be one of the best nationwide food delis. Not only that, SLERS' country hams have recently been acclaimed as gourmet hams by ham connoisseurs.

The Slers Ham & Café is conveniently located at #30 Amparo Lim Bldg, just at the corner of Del Pilar and Velez Streets, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. At present, SLERS has two branches in Manila located at 7865 Progreso St., Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City and at Sky Garden , SM City North EDSA..

Photo Credits: Bing™

Thursday, January 20, 2011

AI’s got JLo

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Popularity for "AI" has drooped in the past few years. In fact, the May season finale last year drew in only about 23.2 million viewers, by far the lowest rate of its viewership since “idol’s” dawning. However, this is not to say that the show has already lost its huge fan base. But, the junction of fewer viewers, the talked-about exit of sharp-tongued Simon Cowell and the fiasco to acceptably restore seat of judge Paula Abdul, whose unpredictable shenanigan were utterly entertaining, definitely suggest trouble for “AI”.

With the success of its 10th season premiere of this much anticipated US singing talent show last night plus the 4, 153, 036 supporters and Likers (and still counting) on its Facebook fan page, it only goes to show that the AI charisma is still alive and kicking in the airwave, not only in the US but also to some parts of the world. Although speculation has it that this will be “Idol’s” final year, that is still yet to be found out until this season wraps up and with how the general viewing public and avid supporters alike will respond to critics made by new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

So now's the provocative question: Will JLo have enough star dominance to breathe new life into "AI"?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chow Down To Shed Pounds

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We’ve all, well perhaps at least most of us, done it:
In anticipation of a night out, you starve yourself all day, figuring you can splurge on a high-calorie meal and mixed drinks later. But this calorie-banking trick is destined to backfire.

  • Skimping on meals makes your blood-sugar level fall, so you feel famished by dinner. Once you hit the table, you can’t help then but overindulge. This behavior will slow down your metabolism and, over time, pack on the pound-age. Instead, eat small meals, starting with breakfast, every four hours so you won’t binge later on. 
  • If you do indulge in a gluttonfest, don’t starve yourself the next day. Beat the bloat and flush out extra waste by drinking lost of water and eating fiber-rich foods. 
  • Don’t overexercise the day after overeating – it will only put more strain on your body. Just track on an extra 15 minutes to your usual workout.

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      Saturday, January 15, 2011

      Singgit Sinulog!

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      Here comes another el grande and festive year of Cebu's most anticipated mardi gra, their very own and the prestigious Sinulog Festival. It calls for another one of a kind fun-filled celebration of the feast of the Senyor Santo Niño de Cebu.

      Held every 3rd Sunday of January, the Sinulog Festival is one of the many grand fiestas the Philippines takes pride on. Needless to say it is one of the grandest and most colorful festivals in the Philippines with a very rich background. Locals and tourists eagerly head their way to the metropolis of Cebu province to join the many scheduled events. From the flaunting of beauties of the Miss Cebu pageant, left and right nightly street parties and events, bazaars, mall sales and trade fairs, solemn mass, processions and fluvial parade, down to the most highlighted street dancing and Grand Sinulog Mardi gra competition - the local government of Cebu, specifically the Sinulog Foundation Inc., never fails to take all the necessary preparations to make this yearly event different like no other.

      Friday, January 14, 2011

      Wistful Thinking: Go to the Ants

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      Have you ever wondered why sometimes you could  see a dump of sand inside your home? It is the work of ants. I really bet most of us get annoyed at these insects because they not only sting (especially the tiny red ones) and hurt us, they also tend to infest our premise, more so, spoil our food. But, at one point, why do we direct our attention to them?

      King Solomon of ancient Israel has once made an utterance about ants: “Go to the ants.” Why do you think he spoke of such? What can we get from these tiny insects that such Highness like King Solomon would say something like it? As then King Solomon added then: “See the ant's ways and become wise as them. Although it has no commander, officer or ruler, it prepares its food during summer.” These words spoken of long ago expressed the truth discovered by modern-day naturalists.

      Thursday, January 13, 2011

      Single and the City

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      "Many are called, but few are chosen." Singles like you might want to tag along this line from now as it also indirectly shouts on you (^^). But seriously though, how can someone cleverly spot singles like you and end the dreadful days of being one: It's hard to be single when the people around you are getting hitched, snatched  and having children. God bless you, prep up because it's time to find ways to know that you're not alone out there.

      1. Travel: Boracay and many other most-talked-about beaches alike. Hot gals and lads. Need we say more? Just log on to the net and you'll find that it's filled with trips that are ideal for a single like you. If you don't want to fly, there are also day trips that you can take. Not only do you get a shot of culture as well. Log on to http://www.lakbaypilipinas.com for great package deals. Also, the Museum Foundation of the Philippines conducts regular bus trips to nearby provinces.

      Wednesday, January 12, 2011

      Pabukid: Bukidnon Bound

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      Rolling hills and canyons; lush terrain and verdant fields; crystal clear falls and lakes; farms and plantations harvesting exotic fruits, flowers and coffee blends; the friendliest people. Sounds like the perfect respite  from the traffic and pollution in the urban jungle? If stress is taking its toll on you and you're sick of the same old tourist spots, you might want to head off to Bukidnon—found at the heart of Mindanao and just a ride away from Cagayan de Oro City. Contrary to popular belief, the province is very safe and has all the facilities that a traveler needs.

      Tuesday, January 11, 2011

      Out and Proud, CDO

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      Cagayan de Oro, also better known acronymly as CDO, never fails to impress the many with its own uniqueness while on the side its people continually seek ways to develop what it can best offer to its homegrown, much more to its visiting public who are always on the look for a taste of new adventure and fun.

      Other than the soon to rise first ever skyscraper of CDO’s Limketkai Sons Inc. which I wrote about in one of my recent articles, CDO, even from its humble days, has been making relevant noise on itself with the many exciting stuff it lavishly offers.

      From CDO’s very own showbiz personalities like pop heartthrob Mark Bautista, one of the hottest balladeers in the Philippine music industry , the piano prodigy Rudolf Pelaez Golez, not to forget the Aegis Band who is known for the throat-wrenching high notes belted by sisters Juliet and Mercy Sunot whose family resides in Lower Balulang, government and public figures like Aquilino “Nene” Q. Pimentel and Jr., Rufus Rodriguez, and Member of the PBA’s 25 Greatest Players Isabelo “Jojo” Lastimosa, and many other homegrown talents and public icons whom I failed to recall—to the ever-getting-popular WHITE WATER RAFTING the CDO river breathtakingly provides; truly CDO is a pride of its own in Mindanao.

      Monday, January 10, 2011

      On Being The Sellable YOU

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      Please allow me to ask this, has is it ever occurred before you to religiously entertain the thought that asks how much your worth is? Has it come across your mind in an instance or two while getting a job and the employer asks the resolute question, “so what’s your pay rate?” could also mean he's asking you in a roundabout way, how much your self-worth is in monetary value?

      When one thinks of the question “What is YOUR VALUE”, what would firstly come to one’s mind? If someone has to put a monetary value to oneself, how much would that be? And how would one compute it? And what does this value translate into? Power? Happiness? Security? More money?

      I can’t argue more that self-worth is commonly sourced on one’s emotional perspective of value in terms of one’s skills, achievements, financial resources, status, or physical attributes. Self-worth is mostly internal and naturally comes out as one gains and feels good on something as an edge. Once these are realized and nurtured, the true source of one’s usefulness and value is then seen. As a result, one becomes more effective than the others, benefits on becoming an asset and gets ahead of anyone else in the track field.

      It is never a lie that we all want to get ahead of others, more so of the competition this world silently hosts. With today's tougher world where grabbing a spot for a sustainable living, even maintaining a lifestyle, is getting to be a lot messier of a rat race, it's no doubt that everyone else is finding his or her best possible tactics of getting ahead.

      "Self-worth and net worth are not the same. Your value is not determined by your valuables." I gather this quotation has become more and more obsolete these days because as most of us would see fit today, the more one furnishes oneself with anything edgy and recent (may this be in the form of owning tangible stuff or acquiring beneficial skill sets to get the most coveted edge), the more one raises the bar of his/her market value, thus merits oneself the advantage of gaining more profit in countless avenues—may it be from getting ahead in getting a job, being the top-performer as one is more skilled than the rest, and even to simply being a head-turner. On the same regard, what influences one’s worth mostly has something to do with a huge chunk of what people perceive of you and the rest of one’s worth comes from what one thinks of oneself. Thus it’s really no denying that, with today’s tougher and competitive generation, one needs to be very critical on the way how one wants to be always advancing—by working the hardest to always feel good, more so look good. Apart from reinventing one’s semblance, there’s always a need to upgrade oneself with useful, in demand skill sets to land in to something where you can gain more. Mediocrity is getting to be a mortal sin nowadays.

      This is not to sound disparaging, nor to slur or torment anyone in particular but just entertaining a cruel reality that needs to be acknowledged and acted upon. The world is evolving and ever-changing; more so it’s veering and speeding up its way to the survival of the fittest arena. Unless, one has already ceased to dream on and is just waiting to be consumed by one’s self eternal delay and what not.

      There’s no exact formula as to how to effectively market oneself and get the edge to almost anything—some would even consider it as a blessing given way before one is born—but, there will always be countless viable options on how to counteract things to become more favorable and a lot beneficial to oneself. It’s a matter of figuring these out apart from knowing what works best. It’s about finding one’s unique abilities and being able to communicate these to others effectively.

      You may have learned about the saying "people buy people", so get a hold of the opportunity to let people know why they must promote you, employ/get you or buy from you. Get to know more of your strengths and skills and make these as your useful selling points. On the other end turn your liabilities in to something others lack –now this might be quite a challenge to do but if one is wise and creative enough, one will pull it off with finesse. Keep also in mind that every time one communicates, it’s a great opportunity to get a message across and make a real deal impact. Thus, be always on guard to show your natural best. Make an impressive first impression as most people lean to make a first feel of you within the first few minutes of knowing you. All the more and should never come the least, communicate by what you wear. Choosing your trendy, appropriate and comfortable outfit is as equally as important as how you choose your words when communicating verbally. Fact: You are at your true best self on what you do and make of yourself.

      Take a notch higher difference of one’s self. re-Define one’s true value. Be at the acme.

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      Friday, January 7, 2011

      Beyonce - Ave Maria + Lyrics

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      I never get tired of listening to this. Thank you Beyonce for not only bringing cool danceable music but as well as inspiring, worth replaying songs like this.

      Video Credits: YouTube™

      CDO's Soon To Rise First Skyscraper

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      Borrowing the notorious gawky utterance from Ms. Ai-Ai de las Alas, allow me to exclaim, "This is really is it!".

      Yes, you read it right, the City of Golden Friendship will soon have its very first high-rise building to stand right in the very premise of Limketkai commercial and business space. It is reported that Limketkai Sons, Inc. is also responsible for this promising project venture and thus holds most of the funds for the construction of this building as it is going to be a major start of their venturing to the hotel business. 

      This hotel will encompass a 21-storey building, 250-room hotel complex in the company’s 30-hectare commercial complex in Cagayan de Oro City’s Lapasan district.

      While this ambitious project was still on its way to inception 'till to its on going construction at the very moment, some well known major hotels have already been tagged along CDO’s prestige. To name a few, these are Pryce Plaza, Dynasty Court, Grand City Hotel, and the incomparable Mallberry which also homes in the Limketkai vicinity, and not to mention Koresco Hotel which was built by Korean investors in the upland area of the metropolis--all of them consistently provide quality and first class accommodations to as many as 300,000 tourists 
      annually visiting the city. 

      Thursday, January 6, 2011

      After-Holiday Mall Shindig With Sis

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      After the turmoils of the holiday rush, being stuck in virtual reality and some garbled  itineraries (mostly all due to being fickle minded) since I got back for the Holidays, I finally took the chance to make my temporal escape and stroll my way out at CDO's very own Lim Ket Kai mall. I'd say it has been some time since I took the time to go malling here in CDO after being driven away to Cebu for 4 years (the last time I figured by far was in December 2008 when sis and I were in search of something for her company Christmas exchange gift which ended us up to buy a sorta pick-a-boo native novelty item that looks like machete with his thingy inside the barrel--hope you get the picture).

      Anyhoo, 'twas fun to once again goof around some familiar places you grew up with in spite the some complexities these places have already become. As I made my leisure walks down to the hallways, cognitive prompted me to somehow extract reminiscent thoughts of what the place used to be--from that open-air skating rink which has now become a flattering spacious atrium that held I bet quite a number of gigs and shows already. And from that old school skating rink too where I had my chance to experience that ugly crash doing my pseudo-pro skate move(LOL), to the Jollibee store branch where I'm heads up high honed some of my humble work beginnings.

      Monday, January 3, 2011

      The Creed: A critical literary composition

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      I seldom have thoughts about serious subjects, being a man who is much inclined to trifles and frivolous company, and, considering such conduct as a result of something sort of lacking in me, and imagining my circumstances, the mediocrity of the family I came from, all the frustrations and a few regrets in life, the discontent in living my life itself blamable for it, lead me, by some degrees, to think that I am no better, and should just content myself with the way I use to see things—that everything is trivial and nothing is so important; but I am a little amazed why, for some reason or another, I sometimes found it interesting to scribble about things which I deem of great significance to humanity itself, that I manage to drown myself in deafening silence whenever I saw a subject worth reflecting on

      Perhaps the reason is that, I am just so much used to vain talks and idle amusements that I failed to notice the boredom and spiritual barrenness they, in time, bred. As is always the case, when things become a habit. So I go on to write about a topic which you may or may

      The Luster of Man

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      “Life is the most precious of all treasures of the universe combined,” “a single day of life is worth more than all the treasures in the universe.” These are forms of an oriental source depicting the intrinsic and unlimited preciousness of life. For instance, even one is born from the richest family in the world, if one dies in his childhood, one is less than a blade of grass. Or when one is born as a prince shone with brilliant wisdom, if one dies young, one's preciousness may be less than a living dog. Of course, how one lived one's life is more important than the length of one's life. However, even a single day of life's existence of living carries with it the contingent probabilities of experiences,development and growth of which are far more precious than any material wealth found in the world. This is the reason why each person, regardless of wealth, status, position and ability, is made equal in value because each of them has the infinite opportunity for growth,they only differ in facts. Whether we like it or not, each person possesses a “gold” of perfectness


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      I have been inclined to arts and design since I can remember and honing this skill more is but some of my, I'd say for lack of a better term, negligence.

      Modesty aside, I guess a talent will always remain a talent. It's not by chance, or by choice, but more of a lifestyle you can always opt to pursue, may it be now or sometime later.

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