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Sunday, January 30, 2011

All About Amore (January 26, 2004)

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From that unbecoming startle reflex of an Tegenaria Duellica encounter (see ‘Freaked’) last week, I unearthed a few pieces of my early compositions. One of which has a working title “All About Amore”, and since we’re about to make way for the love month, I thought that posting it here would be as timely as we welcome February 2011. Coincidentally, the following work was made just a few days before the love month in year 2004.

All About Amore (January 26, 2004)

“Love makes the world go round.” A mere utterance of people who are simply but optimists of such a devoting and equally weakening emotion. We always hear this from these kind of people while many would plainly regard it as an overrated prominent answer when asked about the meaning of Love. But what does it really mean? 

Nobody has gone close to the definition of love, simply because the best definition lies within us. I could recall somebody made mention that Love is when two people discover each other in their vast emptiness that is much of modern life and hold out their hands to one another. Another one also explained that real Love begins when two people discover the loneliness and the need of each other and realize that they can do something for the other. 

The first reaction of love is just to touch, to communicate, to share and to make a difference in another’s life. We sometimes don’t know that it happens in the strangest places, like smiling at someone in the jeepney or at a friend’s party, or even when saying “hi” to somebody we meet along the corridor.

Love grows after when the initial reaction of friendship grows in to a much deeper feeling. As we begin to be more concerned of the other and less on our own selves, we then start to view the other as important as our lives…we begin to genuinely give…we begin to truly love. The real mystery is how two people—so different from each other—become one.

The thing about Love is it’s a state of emotion worth gratifying for, and at some point worth denouncing too. Giving out love and receiving it in return is a very nice feeling to be in but we should always bear in mind that whenever there’s Love, consequences and sacrifices follow. We should never forget the relative idea that there is no sun without rain, labor without best and likewise, Love without pain. We ought to do certain sacrifices if we love someone, since loving a person is no longer a “me” or “you”—but a “we”.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice going out with our friends to attend to the needs of our loved ones. We sacrifice our own pleasures to look after the concerns of the other, and even waive to be with the family on Sundays just to hear mass with that special someone.

Pain is what we also get in return for love, aside from happiness and content. It is something we human beings tend to avoid because it is the hardest way to learn. The hardest lesson life has to offer always hurts…But is the only best way to hit us hard enough to learn how to get on. What else is not hard in life anyway.

Once I read a quotation on Love and it says “Love begets Love, after you’ve given all you have, Love begets pain…” I didn’t exactly follow what it’s trying to mean but as I go through Life and Love, in my own pace I’ve come to realize that Love is also about risk…It is about how you put your heart on the line for something nice but a fairly painful emotion.  

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