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Monday, March 2, 2009


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I sometimes find it amusing and slightly ridiculous when people act completely the opposite of how you knew them to be. I'm not sure if they're just doing it because of the situation they're in which prompted the sudden act of bipolarity or,  it's a choice one desperately needs to do for the sake of fitting in.

Though abrupt changes of persona doesn't necessarily mean one has to do something extraordinaire—on second thought, at times it's a must though--, but I can't just help but raise my brows and utter, why the heck you need to drastically rob elbows even to the extent of  kissing someone's a** just to meet a certain wavelength? I understand though that we all have our own unique adaptive persona to either camouflage us or, for us to jive in to every one else. Thus, this unique adaptive persona becomes a useful tool to mankind's harmonious relationship. But going beyond the limits of its design is a complete deviance to the rule. Mind you, it now becomes a weapon—an unlikely deadly, filthy, backstabbing weapon.

Some have mastered this art by not making it too obvious, but for some who likes changing skin so often just for fun messily overdoes the so-called
art and usually end up a little unbecoming before the eyes of others.

In a relative context, looks can really be very deceiving. At one point, you will think of this someone who’s unlikely to break a glass, but truth is, he/she is a wrecker. There's also him/her who party and act tough like a rock star and a big bully to any one, but truth is, he/she is as vulnerable as a sissy. Although looks and actions play the game together for us to get an over all impression, at times still actions tend to out speak the looks ending to a deceitful center stage of drama and monologue. There's truly nothing more inconvenient than being trapped in the persona you take shoes in. Perhaps, it's really a choice made, otherwise, just caught by chance--blame it to either of the two.

Sometimes, it is still man's immediate apprehension and natural impulse that help us detects which is which, or who is who. It is just quite amusing and somewhat preposterous that  we have to play the charades of our instincts.

The promiscuity of our personalities still remain broad to understand, but one thing's for sure, innate us it's there for a purpose—it's then up to us on how and where we make use of it.

In the so called art of portrayal, any one could be someone's most coveted role. And this will always remain true-- you are not always what you eat, wear or do.


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