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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chow Down To Shed Pounds

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We’ve all, well perhaps at least most of us, done it:
In anticipation of a night out, you starve yourself all day, figuring you can splurge on a high-calorie meal and mixed drinks later. But this calorie-banking trick is destined to backfire.

  • Skimping on meals makes your blood-sugar level fall, so you feel famished by dinner. Once you hit the table, you can’t help then but overindulge. This behavior will slow down your metabolism and, over time, pack on the pound-age. Instead, eat small meals, starting with breakfast, every four hours so you won’t binge later on. 
  • If you do indulge in a gluttonfest, don’t starve yourself the next day. Beat the bloat and flush out extra waste by drinking lost of water and eating fiber-rich foods. 
  • Don’t overexercise the day after overeating – it will only put more strain on your body. Just track on an extra 15 minutes to your usual workout.

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