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Friday, February 27, 2009

Every thing's Brewing According to His Concoction by IamJett Cortez Ramao on Friday, February 27, 2009

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“Let me tell you this… It’s not ours, but His, cup of tea.”

Just as I thought of it, life will always be a roller-coaster ride, a so called bitter-sweet journey. No matter what spectrum you are looking at, it will always be what it is.

Since then, I’ve come to accept that struggles and triumphs can’t live with out each other. They simply coexist, no matter how tactfully you streamline your life in the hope of completely eradicating the difficult, one over the other always will emerge—sooner or later. I even sometimes whine it out saying, “Heck! Why do we have to run in circles?”. O well, I gather it could really be life’s original blueprint—fair enough ain’t it? I bet so.

The purpose of this writing is not to sob about life’s tragedies and difficulties but just to vent out my thoughts in the above regard. Like every one else I guess, at one point in our lives, we have had our share of life’s influx of good fortune and blessings—love, good income, love-ones and so on–that which we should
always of course, be very thankful for. On the other end, we too, in one way or another, have had our share of some of the loathsome experiences there are.

That is, one day you are on the top of your lungs, for all you know the next day you’ll find yourself yielding to melancholy. Odd ain’t it?

So to speak, we can’t really help but think how odd this life’s blueprint is—if there’s really such. Fair enough as we tend to always think about it in order to justify the crucial transition over the other. But then again there will always remain a bold question asking “why is it have to be? I’ve not yet gotten much of it.”.

They say every thing should be taken in moderation. I now know why they say this. Because as the day of reckoning starts to creep in, devastation will then be felt a little less than it should be. And as the old adage goes, “When you’re given one important thing in your life, never embrace it too tight so when someone wants it back, it won’t be harder for you to let go.” Hmmmnn.. a wise choice indeed.

Okay, we have all sorts of fears in life we wish hard not to encounter along the way, the same as we have many fabulous things we even wish the hardest to attain, definitely without pain on the side. That we even want the good ones hard enough by not risking ourselves too much in getting ‘em. Of course, who would dare go out beyond one’s own comfort zone. Now, that is being smart too. That’s when we start to carefully plot things out—just so to avoid compromises. But then again, some good things are better off said than done. There will always come the other side of the coin, and most of the time if not always, it will appear to be not what we want it to be. Fair enough, ain’t it?

Struggles come in many form, so as triumphs. But one thing is for sure, they are juxtaposed and that will always remain true in all the things we do. They both can either, break…or make you.


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