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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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“Life itself will purify our hope step by step if we live with a passion for the possible. As we go forwards, the apparent limits of the possible will be pushed back further and further into the region of the seemingly impossible. Sooner or later we realize that the possible  has no fixed limits. What we mistook for a limit proved to be a horizon. And, like every horizon, it recedes as we go on toward fullness of life.”
---- From Gratefulness, The heart of Prayer. An Approach to Life in Fullness.

The swallow said to her young fledglings, “You can fly, come on! You can do it, I’m sure.” The fledglings looked down from the nest. How far below the ground seemed to be! The temptation to remain in the safety of the nest was very strong indeed. But the urgings of their mother were stronger still. They hoisted themselves up on the crest of the nest, took a deep breath and, trembling with fear, they threw themselves into the abyss. And they flew!

The doe said to her newborn fawn, “You can stand up, come on! You can do it, I’m sure.” But the task seemed impossible. With his wobbling legs and their terrible awkwardness and the added fact of his own weakness, he couldn’t figure out how in the world he would ever negotiate the erect position. But his mother kept nudging him. She, at least, seemed to think he could do it. So he threw caution to the winds, made a desperate effort and, eyes widened with near-panic, heaved himself on his four unsteady limbs. He was standing!

The mother said to her young baby, “You can talk, come on! You can do it, I’m sure. Say ‘ma-ma’. Say it, dear. Ma-ma. Ma-ma.” The infant wanted so much to utter those beautiful sounds. But how? His lips wouldn’t obey. And his cheeks seemed made of rubber. But his mother kept coaxing him on. Obviously she thought he could do it. So, just to please her, he watched her mouth, braced himself and, with a frown of concentration, let out a resounding “ma-ma.” He could talk!


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