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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Luster of Man

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“Life is the most precious of all treasures of the universe combined,” “a single day of life is worth more than all the treasures in the universe.” These are forms of an oriental source depicting the intrinsic and unlimited preciousness of life. For instance, even one is born from the richest family in the world, if one dies in his childhood, one is less than a blade of grass. Or when one is born as a prince shone with brilliant wisdom, if one dies young, one's preciousness may be less than a living dog. Of course, how one lived one's life is more important than the length of one's life. However, even a single day of life's existence of living carries with it the contingent probabilities of experiences,development and growth of which are far more precious than any material wealth found in the world. This is the reason why each person, regardless of wealth, status, position and ability, is made equal in value because each of them has the infinite opportunity for growth,they only differ in facts. Whether we like it or not, each person possesses a “gold” of perfectness
within him. A “gold” represents the treasure house of limitless possibilities and surprises. This treasure house of experiences and the accumulation of skills each day will make a person capable to express a more enriched, a more meaningful physical action to his spiritual nature. Thus, additional spiritual meaning is added up in his day to day actions – actions contributed to promote  the preciousness of life.

Related to man's precious nature is his sanctity. He is sacred precisely because of his dignity, intelligence, freewill and spirituality which distinguished  him from the rest of the animal kingdom. As it is precisely because of this spiritual  nature that man is capable to change the world, create an event for the better. They become creators, destroyers, of a peaceful society because man's spirituality is not complete if man does not respect ad promote the life of very person. In other words, man has a social mortgage and responsibility to give something to life in return.

The challenge and responsibility that man is called upon is not just being in existence but being able to promote and contribute to the acquisition, promotion and preservation of existence from his generation to the next. The challenge therefore is for man to become a “need”, not just receiving needs from others. Even if one demands from life, life demands something from him. The only way to do this is to have a positive outlook in living that will enable a person to respond to such event as a great opportunity for development in order to have a basic understanding that since the world gave him life, in return he must give life to the world.

In its broadest sense, one's preciousness is given a greater meaning when one lives up to a “calling” of giving in his capacity to the world. Just the prince who died young missed the opportunity to give something valuable to human kind. A person who enjoys along existence must meet the challenge and responsibility the man is called upon.


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