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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Ninaog na si Baboy"

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Riding on a scanty PUV here in our country for somebody who's physically-challenged has never become as easy as 1-2-3. I’d say the same for those having quite an issue with the word size.

Speaking of which, we’ve all been hearing about the adage “size does not matter.” And by the said of it, I urge that we deviate from its usual context for the time being since it will not serve the purpose of this writing.

I am taking this liberty to place in to written words what my sister and I witnessed on a ride going to Cogon, CDO one time. This was during the holiday rush when we were on board a public utility vehicle locally known as a multi-cab. A hefty guy, just before our cab hit the junction where the old Carmen bridge is, hailed on us.The vehicle was not that cram full so the driver pulled over to let the guy in. Not to sound disparaging whatsoever, but this guy's literally huge I was even worried if he could manage to fit himself in knowing the size of the multi-cab as compared to a regular jeepney. So as to somehow lessen the guy’s trouble of stepping into the cab, the rest of us concern passengers sidled up and gave way by moving ourselves further in instead of the usual Pinoy trait when inside a passenger vehicle, that is “since you came last, you go straight ahead to the nook.”

One of us commuters inside the cab was a family composed of a 10 year old kiddo who was sitting on the lap of his mid-20sh mum who’s also sitting right beside her 30-something hubby. My sister and I were just alongside this family so to speak.

When our ride passed by Gaston Park, the bulky guy signaled to the driver that he will get off at the loading/unloading zone just right across Avon. Before the guy was able to entirely get himself out of the cab, sis and I overheard the kiddo blurted out in vernacular something like “ninaog na si baboy” (the swine just moved down) and then casually smirked like nothing has been naughtily said. Our quick attention was definitely caught by the said utterance that's why my sis and I looked at each other and exchanged smiles of indifference. I also tried to carefully take notice of what the reaction of the parents would be because I was ascertained that they, too, heard what their boy unpleasantly muttered. But to my surprise, they did not mind it, or at least bothered to lightly rebuked their son's gross behavior to that matter. I felt the dismay to have seen that, though at one point it awkwardly appeared funny to me too. The mere utterance of ridicule coming from a 10 year old boy with the condoning of the parents was more than enough for me to ask what the heck has happened to our family values these days?

To have seen such unfortunate circumstance alone, I still like to believe that it's just but an isolated case of parental misguidance and that majority of our Filipino families still advocate the culture of knowing what is right from wrong. But to that very moment, I could not figure it out myself as to whom should I give my deepest sorry for.

My sister afterwards made mention to me that if only that guy was able to sit at the front seat of the cab, that undermining scenario should not have been at least witnessed. I couldn't have agreed more to her, although the front seats of PUVs are law bound seats intended for "handicapped" individuals.

On a relative context, I'm pretty sure that among us daily commuters, a great number are not aware, or at least would take the time to know as to whom these front seats of our public transport vehicles are intended for.

I trust that when inside a passenger vehicle, none of us may even bother to look on a PWD (Persons with Disability) sticker attached at the far right side of the windshield of the front seat that says "Please Vacate this Seat for the Handicapped." To the very least, this now has been made known.

For what its worth after all these, it is just safe for me to say that there's no harm to be socially aware and responsible if what it could do is contribute a huge amount of help to the community, one way or another.

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