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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wistful Thinking: Go to the Ants

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes you could  see a dump of sand inside your home? It is the work of ants. I really bet most of us get annoyed at these insects because they not only sting (especially the tiny red ones) and hurt us, they also tend to infest our premise, more so, spoil our food. But, at one point, why do we direct our attention to them?

King Solomon of ancient Israel has once made an utterance about ants: “Go to the ants.” Why do you think he spoke of such? What can we get from these tiny insects that such Highness like King Solomon would say something like it? As then King Solomon added then: “See the ant's ways and become wise as them. Although it has no commander, officer or ruler, it prepares its food during summer.” These words spoken of long ago expressed the truth discovered by modern-day naturalists.

Ants are “instinctively wise”. Of course their wisdom is not a product of intelligent reasoning but rather because of the instinct with which the Creator has vested upon them. Because of this instinct, ants work their way out to gather food at the right time. Ants are marvelously organized, remarkably cooperative and attentive to fellow workers. Apart from being hard workers, they also assist injured or exhausted fellow-ants back to their colony. They intuitively prepare for the future and do everything possible to fulfill their tasks, before the day of reckoning comes.

The ant's natural course of living implies that man should plan ahead and be the hard worker that he can become. Their way of living is somehow trying to teach us how to work together to attain what's  beneficial for the many. After all, apart from being humans, we are in no way different from them as we also make the best of what we can in order to survive each day; may it be individually or as a community. 

Like these busy ants, people do all good day's labor to sustain life. The only thing I logically see that sets us apart from these ants is we have all the tendencies and vulnerabilities to give up with life and stop moving on. If only we are that enduring enough to always stand in line like them and continue to walk on no matter how weighty the load is we're carrying at our back.

While most of us would see that these ants are just but useless tiny creatures which sting like hell,
it would be more acceptable to start seeing them as reflections of how we should be living our lives day to day: that is to continue to pursue life as it is with more and more hard work and diligence, but not risking any one's well being while doing so.

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