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Monday, January 10, 2011

On Being The Sellable YOU

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Please allow me to ask this, has is it ever occurred before you to religiously entertain the thought that asks how much your worth is? Has it come across your mind in an instance or two while getting a job and the employer asks the resolute question, “so what’s your pay rate?” could also mean he's asking you in a roundabout way, how much your self-worth is in monetary value?

When one thinks of the question “What is YOUR VALUE”, what would firstly come to one’s mind? If someone has to put a monetary value to oneself, how much would that be? And how would one compute it? And what does this value translate into? Power? Happiness? Security? More money?

I can’t argue more that self-worth is commonly sourced on one’s emotional perspective of value in terms of one’s skills, achievements, financial resources, status, or physical attributes. Self-worth is mostly internal and naturally comes out as one gains and feels good on something as an edge. Once these are realized and nurtured, the true source of one’s usefulness and value is then seen. As a result, one becomes more effective than the others, benefits on becoming an asset and gets ahead of anyone else in the track field.

It is never a lie that we all want to get ahead of others, more so of the competition this world silently hosts. With today's tougher world where grabbing a spot for a sustainable living, even maintaining a lifestyle, is getting to be a lot messier of a rat race, it's no doubt that everyone else is finding his or her best possible tactics of getting ahead.

"Self-worth and net worth are not the same. Your value is not determined by your valuables." I gather this quotation has become more and more obsolete these days because as most of us would see fit today, the more one furnishes oneself with anything edgy and recent (may this be in the form of owning tangible stuff or acquiring beneficial skill sets to get the most coveted edge), the more one raises the bar of his/her market value, thus merits oneself the advantage of gaining more profit in countless avenues—may it be from getting ahead in getting a job, being the top-performer as one is more skilled than the rest, and even to simply being a head-turner. On the same regard, what influences one’s worth mostly has something to do with a huge chunk of what people perceive of you and the rest of one’s worth comes from what one thinks of oneself. Thus it’s really no denying that, with today’s tougher and competitive generation, one needs to be very critical on the way how one wants to be always advancing—by working the hardest to always feel good, more so look good. Apart from reinventing one’s semblance, there’s always a need to upgrade oneself with useful, in demand skill sets to land in to something where you can gain more. Mediocrity is getting to be a mortal sin nowadays.

This is not to sound disparaging, nor to slur or torment anyone in particular but just entertaining a cruel reality that needs to be acknowledged and acted upon. The world is evolving and ever-changing; more so it’s veering and speeding up its way to the survival of the fittest arena. Unless, one has already ceased to dream on and is just waiting to be consumed by one’s self eternal delay and what not.

There’s no exact formula as to how to effectively market oneself and get the edge to almost anything—some would even consider it as a blessing given way before one is born—but, there will always be countless viable options on how to counteract things to become more favorable and a lot beneficial to oneself. It’s a matter of figuring these out apart from knowing what works best. It’s about finding one’s unique abilities and being able to communicate these to others effectively.

You may have learned about the saying "people buy people", so get a hold of the opportunity to let people know why they must promote you, employ/get you or buy from you. Get to know more of your strengths and skills and make these as your useful selling points. On the other end turn your liabilities in to something others lack –now this might be quite a challenge to do but if one is wise and creative enough, one will pull it off with finesse. Keep also in mind that every time one communicates, it’s a great opportunity to get a message across and make a real deal impact. Thus, be always on guard to show your natural best. Make an impressive first impression as most people lean to make a first feel of you within the first few minutes of knowing you. All the more and should never come the least, communicate by what you wear. Choosing your trendy, appropriate and comfortable outfit is as equally as important as how you choose your words when communicating verbally. Fact: You are at your true best self on what you do and make of yourself.

Take a notch higher difference of one’s self. re-Define one’s true value. Be at the acme.

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