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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Creed: A critical literary composition

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I seldom have thoughts about serious subjects, being a man who is much inclined to trifles and frivolous company, and, considering such conduct as a result of something sort of lacking in me, and imagining my circumstances, the mediocrity of the family I came from, all the frustrations and a few regrets in life, the discontent in living my life itself blamable for it, lead me, by some degrees, to think that I am no better, and should just content myself with the way I use to see things—that everything is trivial and nothing is so important; but I am a little amazed why, for some reason or another, I sometimes found it interesting to scribble about things which I deem of great significance to humanity itself, that I manage to drown myself in deafening silence whenever I saw a subject worth reflecting on

Perhaps the reason is that, I am just so much used to vain talks and idle amusements that I failed to notice the boredom and spiritual barrenness they, in time, bred. As is always the case, when things become a habit. So I go on to write about a topic which you may or may
not be interested in. still, it seems to me that this issue has far-reaching significance, and may well worth your reading or, should I say, your scrutiny and criticism.

I have thoughts now reading religions. I imagine that many youths today, in so far as my generation and the present is concern of, think of religion as some established system of belief separate from the inner being of the people. Some even have deeply-rooted distrust in religion calling them collectively as “all religions are a good business”. Still others think that religion and ways of life are two different sorts; and some are not even interested in the matter or just simply thinks that religion have nothing to do with worldly life for their seemingly divine stature. There are varied ways in which people see the essence and purpose of religion that it seemed to me that more than giving enlightenment, they give confusion; more than giving hope, they give only promises. Such perception of young about them must be remedied as soon as possible. Young people should know the correct meaning and purpose of religion first if they are concerned of changing the world into a  better place.

It appears to me at present that in order to know the true meaning of religion, one must understand the true nature of life. I possess so little culture in both western theology and eastern philosophy that after some moments of integration, I can only initially conclude that it is within life that the wellspring of religion can only be found. I wish I can say something conclusive about the matter, but, finding myself not well equipped as to the reasons to defend my text, I have decided only to give my honest impressions. What I want to say at present, however, is that religion is nothing other than a perfect condition of human life in which the flowers of education and culture is given a conducive environment to bloom in their fullness. Therefore, on one respect, I believe each person's unique individuality springs froth from religion; it is religion that inspires genius in every human being. Perhaps, life and religion are really one and the same thing.

On the one hand, I imagine religion and life as true intrinsically intertwined, two manifest ion of one combination. Here, I am now speaking of religion as the external manifestation; much like the body and soul are combined to form a human life. I say that we cannot separate religion from life nor life from religion. It is perhaps our longing to know the truths about life, to find the cure to our sufferings and to fill the emptiness within, that we seek religion. I believe that in inquiring about what is within, it is necessary that there must be something like it from without. And I say that is religion.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that he carried the “care” with him; I figure out at present that it is “religion” which he meant by “care”. We carry religion within our hearts. True religion is not found outside the realm of human existence, and, moreover, will never be trailed directly if we focus our study of life beyond the recesses and boundaries of our spacious universe. Perhaps, the easiest way to understand the mind of God is to understand the mind of man; perhaps it is not lame to say so, for, as the human race bravely probes the mysteries of the stars and heavens, its cowardly sets aside the questions of human misery and war. Our courage is misguided; our faith is directed infinitely outside the epidermis of our skin. This is the reason why history repeats itself; why we seem to be wheeling our tires and not advancing even an inch; why we grope in the dark while thinking that the situation is right – yes, our visions seem to see light – just because we are used to it. But someday the sounds of faith will overtake reason. The new age will become new faith – that higher reason (which will guide our courage in the right path); our emphasis in giving utmost importance to the lower reason, the intellect, which teaches us always to doubt, will give way to the belief in one true intelligence discovered only through faith – faith in our own humanity.


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