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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out and Proud, CDO

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Cagayan de Oro, also better known acronymly as CDO, never fails to impress the many with its own uniqueness while on the side its people continually seek ways to develop what it can best offer to its homegrown, much more to its visiting public who are always on the look for a taste of new adventure and fun.

Other than the soon to rise first ever skyscraper of CDO’s Limketkai Sons Inc. which I wrote about in one of my recent articles, CDO, even from its humble days, has been making relevant noise on itself with the many exciting stuff it lavishly offers.

From CDO’s very own showbiz personalities like pop heartthrob Mark Bautista, one of the hottest balladeers in the Philippine music industry , the piano prodigy Rudolf Pelaez Golez, not to forget the Aegis Band who is known for the throat-wrenching high notes belted by sisters Juliet and Mercy Sunot whose family resides in Lower Balulang, government and public figures like Aquilino “Nene” Q. Pimentel and Jr., Rufus Rodriguez, and Member of the PBA’s 25 Greatest Players Isabelo “Jojo” Lastimosa, and many other homegrown talents and public icons whom I failed to recall—to the ever-getting-popular WHITE WATER RAFTING the CDO river breathtakingly provides; truly CDO is a pride of its own in Mindanao.

The City of Golden Friendship as it is popularly known because of the extraordinarily friendly disposition of its local people, is identified to be a highly metropolitanized city with quite a number of historical and tourism spots. It has beautiful sites that tourist and visitors, and even homegrown, should never fail to see. With the help of Cagayan de Oro ‘s LGU and the tourism body, these historical and tourist locations are constantly monitored, enhanced and even modernized to continually highlight its beauty and value.

Having talked about white water rafting earlier, CDO is by far getting to be a lot identifiable by this river adventure ride. The range from Barangay Dansolihon to the city gives you with a remarkably enthralling panoramic spectacle of the river rocky walls, untouched view of the greenery and the display of the resting haven of monkeys. Surely it’s one utterance of “such a sight to behold”. It has stunning rapids that provides the more dauntless with flush and challenges of rapids hiatus not less than 10 – 15 minutes of each other. The CDO river has everything that makes for a noteworthy experience with marvelous roar and power of water down rushing over boulders and rocks.

For the not so faint hearted, one can still enjoy the rest of the panoramic views. One can start by refreshing one’s self in the fresh and smooth air and cold waterfalls of Catanico Falls. The Mapawa Nature Park should also be part of your check list of places to see as this is the right destination for fun and exciting activities like biking, horseback riding, zip-line and nature trekking adventures. The Macahambus Adventure Park is also one of the exciting experiences that should never be missed as one can try walking on a suspended steel bridge which is about 100 feet above ground level. One can also use the zip-line and rappel to go down the Macahambus Hill and Cave.

Take your usual diving and swimming activities to another level at Palalan Falls of Brgy. Tablon. The falls is surrounded by stone and the said stones called by the people as “Oro stone” because it has similar characteristics with the Mangima Stone. It has 3 steps of falls at about 50 meters apart with the upper portion, and considered as the largest of the three.

From checking out an Ostrich steak to eating freshly caught seafood, from playing a round of golf at a world-class course to wall climbing in an ultramodern facility, from shooting the rapids to shooting the breeze at the Night Cafe... the City of Golden Friendship offers an astonishing array of recreational pastime for everybody. Truly indeed, CDO is a great place to have all kinds of fun.

Speaking of the Night Café, it’s a one great place in CDO one needs not miss especially for foodies like me. Night owls will never be bored in CDO once again on a Friday and Saturday flight-night as this night café brings forth another unique definition of the term “street fun”.

This starts every Friday and Saturday from 7:00 PM down to 2:00 AM at the century old Golden Friendship Park formerly called Divisoria that is right at the heart of the city. It’s a street café set-up where one can have sumptuous native delicacies, mostly grilled food and cold, cold sodas and beer. Families, tourists and teeners dine under the stars while being entertain by live bands, music and variety shows. Along the stretch of Divisoria, engage in repartee of spiraling or sliding prices of vintage or imitation clothes, interesting wares from shoes to local delicacies and crafts, accessories and gadgets at the Night Market.

For the foodies again like yours truly, CDO didn’t allow itself not be mushroomed by food shops that offer a wide array of gastronomic opportunities. For local fare and the popularized ostrich dishes, the best stop is the upscale Cagay-anon in Limketkai Mall. The Barn is the place to go too for the best Lechon Manok (charcoal broiled whole chicken). Their interpretation of this well-known recipe is contrasting to that of other provinces as it is specially marinated and cooked with all kinds of local herbs and spices. It is delicious! Bigby'sCagayan deOro at present is starting to get invaded by more and more food business establishments alike. Restaurants and bread shops for foodies like Missy Bon-Bon, strategically situated along Rosario drive of the Limketkai Complex, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro (just right across Mc Donalds) is a new place to be. The popular big-sized pizza in the Philippines is also already here in CDO. Cagayan De Oro’s new pizza place, Calda Pizza ‘Home of the 36-inch Pizza’ is at Lapasan, Cagayan De Oro beside The Barn restaurant. Coffee lovers and yuppies bound to be coffee maniacs need not fret as Starbucks, Taza Coffee, Bo’s, Coffee Works are just but around the corner s too like many other existing coffee shops there are.

If you're one of those who frequent the night scenes and wants to be seen, or simply want to have a night’s off with a drink or two, you can always strut your way out, bar-hop and club in CDO’s finest. Pulse formerly Xcite, located in front of Dynasty Court Hotel, is a perfect get-away for yuppies and teens alike. There’s also Ralphs Sports Bar, adjacent to Pulse, that has several billiard pools to enjoy the night from. The Site in Rosario Strip, Limketkai Center is also a popular nightly destination among young professionals and preppy teens. Fu - Club and Bar should never be missed too, situated in Corrales corner J. Ebarle Sts. House Music, which is known for bringing in the best DJs in the country and the first European DJ to play in CDO, and many others.

CDO is another one hot destination to be as it has a handful of fun and tons of interesting things to offer; from one hell of an adventure to being a competitive industrialized and highly commercialized city it has now become, it’s definitely not just your regular City like notioned by many. Being the gateway of business events, CDO is also a commercial city from the south with a viable port that transports products and passengers bound to Cebu City, Manila and other major destinations alike. And with the full swing of the construction of the Laguindingan International Airport, CDO is more and more paving the way to being a lot accessible than the usual. The Laguindingan International Airport was built to replace Cagayan de Oro’s Lumbia Airport known to be the 2nd busiest airport in Mindanao and the 5th in the whole Philippines in terms of passenger traffic in 2009, thus will be fully operational anytime soon within 2011. What more can you ask from CDO,


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