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Friday, February 4, 2011

What's with the Night Café?

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Over the past years, bunches of people, strangers and locals alike never fail to indulge themselves in on a Friday and Saturday night out by heading their way to the Night Café rather than to any other place here in the City of Golden Friendship. Popularity aside, what keeps the people visit the place apart from the stunning and attractive 32 globe lights worth 10 million pesos as well as the 600,000 pesos rope lights glittering in the entire Divisoria area, the affordable yet delectable delicacies and street foods, thirst quenching beverages and tempting liquors, plus great bands in our city performing live make it just a perfect location to unwind and enjoy the night. 

The place is open for the public, no exceptions! So long as you have your eyes and your feet with you. Fretting about being penniless? Need not to because fun and pleasure is still an inch away by simply making your strolls along the scenic venue or perhaps finding a comfy bench to sit down while watching the bands perform (free of charge!). Indeed, a true feel-good experience of the hoots ‘the best things in life are free.’

The Night Café is always a sure hit especially to those yuppies and employees who want to at least have a getaway from their week-long tussles in the office without having the much hassles of going farther someplace else just to loosen up. Adding up to the hassle-free idea is the reasonable prices of food and beverages being offered in the Night Café doubled with an open-air ambiance, making it perfect especially to people who love to dine under the stars.

One factor that also makes the place enticing and worth visiting to many are the people itself. You see a fair number of people gather around in a certain area having their way of a weekend night fun. Certainly, you can’t help yourself from being a bit nosy to what others are doing in the place. Since the venue is spacious enough, you can definitely have all the opportunity to rub elbows with people you haven’t known yet and probably spot your special someone, in case you don’t have any yet. ;)

The realization of the said café sometime in 2003 is part of Divisoria’s transformation. A huge project invested into by the local city government to showcase another one of WOW Cayagan’s spectacles. Hence, including the place now in the country’s tourists spots.

The Night Café is situated at the Abejuela streets along the stretch of Magsaysay Park this city. It opens every Friday and Saturday evenings. So if you want to awaken your senses with the atmosphere of gusto and fun, why not experience it at Night Café at a minimal expense. Atta CDO, Ato ni bai!

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