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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Divine Mercy Intervention

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This is another worthy must-go destination in Northern Mindanao for those a few seeking a slight feel of divine intervention, or for those who simply want to pay observance of the holy week in a more meaningful way; the Statue of the Divine Mercy in El Salvador City just a 20-minute ride from CDO proper, is an overwhelming 50 feet religious monument with a spacious, beautifully landscaped ground at the very hill top.

Penitence and your holy week observance will be taken to another angle as a number of steps will be conquered first before one finally gets to see the full view of the shrine atop (a lot less strenuous as compared to crossing rivers 9 times when heading to Gaudalupe Shrine in Tablon). However, taking a considerable number of steps to get to the chamber, visitors alike who have health conditions are advised to stay on the ground.

Privately funded, this project is by far the tallest Divine Mercy statue in the world to date.

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