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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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Escape the summer heat in a relaxing, tranquil retreat in Davao and cool off with a heart-stopping adventure in CDO.

Cagayan de Oro City

Cagayan de Oro is an exciting haven for adventurous spirits yearning for heart-pumping outdoor activities like whitewater rafting. Go for a thrilling ride through Cagayan River's twists and turns, and take in the panoramic landscape of jutting rocks, limestone cliff walls, and lush foliage. For those eager to conquer their fear of heights, make the eco-adventure forest Macahambus Adventure Park your first stop. It offers a unique 123-foot canopy walk through the woods as you swing and dangle from their Sky Bridge. Over a height of 150 meters, the ride affords you a breathtaking view of the ravine from a dizzying but electrifying perspective. The Zipline is a 120-meter dash through trees as you soar through the gorge in a heart-stopping fashion. Rappel below the precipice and experience nature's proximity engulfing you in its thick vegetation as you then explore more caves. With all these excitement, don't forget to arm yourself with a waterproof camera! But if taking photos while conquering the rapids is too much to handle, photo and video coverage (from P250-P1,500) are also available for reminiscing and laughs. CDO has a range of accommodations all over the city from four-star hotels like Pryce Plaza atop Carmen Hill with rooms ranging from P5,000-P10, 000/night to resort hotels like Chali Beach Resort located on Cugman with Standard Bungalows at P1,650/night, good for two persons. CDO is indeed the perfect destination for those who want to take their vacation to greater heights—literally.


Macahambus Adventure Park
+63 (88) 856-3972
+63 (917) 712-2323

Kagay Whitewater Rafting
21 President Aguinaldo St.,
Cagayam de Oro
+63 (88) 310-4402
+63 (917) 712-2323

Pryce Plaza Hotel
Carmen Hill, Cagayan de Oro
+63 (882) 272-6686
+63 (882) 272-2791 to 93

Chali Beach Resort
Cugman, Cagayan de Oro
+63 (882) 273-2840
+63 (882) 273-2929

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Nestled in a secluded cove on the Samal Island, off the coast of Davao City, Pearl Farm, like a rare jewel, is a sight to behold. Once home to the Aguinaldo Pearl Farm, it stands almost 20 years now as an idyllic retreat set in a tropical paradise. And your ticket to an enthralling of sight clear blue waters, coconut palms and pristine white sand begins at the Samal Suites that have an interesting exterior detail mirroring the features of a face, with the inside just as remarkable with its Maranao and Samal décor inspirations. So as you take in the view day in and day out, make room also for other guiltless indulgences, like a relaxing pampering at the Ylang Ylang Spa, which includes a body scrub, floral bath and a massage. There's food to please all kinds of palates: everything from grilled tuna belly, mixed seafood in coconut cream, beef tenderloin in peppercorn sauce, seafood pasta, kilawin, sashimi, and all fresh fruits you can have. A stay at the Pearl Farm promises a reveal of many treasures that speaks of an island escape beyond standard. And just as prized as Pearl Farm is, you're certain to have memories that are as precious and which will last long after your tan fades.

Kaputian, Island Garden, City of Samal
+63 (82) 221 9970 www.pearlfarmresort.com

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