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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Geared up, once again!

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A sedentary lifestyle from my 4 –year conquer of Cebu made me to instantaneously check if my love MB (code name for my not-so-crappy mountain bike) is still perfectly in shape upon stepping back in to my original refuge (HOME); and yup, it’s still A-okay!

<--- (Upper Macasandig, CDO) From the city proper, a more or less 3KM pedal pushing with slopey terrains; you'll definitely get those feet and legs working at their best. Nice! More to come.

When I finally came back home early this year (perhaps for good), I made it a goal to get back to my actively-driven lifestyle (thus cues for a lot of catching up to do on the matter). Though I have fickle-mind tendencies, so far I’m doing well in not being off the chart  as I’m keeping a good schedule of my pedal-pushing activity every now and then. 

Life’s seeming tightness in Cebu has been taxing to my lifestyle that I couldn’t miss this opportunity not to redeem what I used to be doing in terms of being physically active. 

Alongside keeping a good schedule of MB-ing , pulling weights following my own custom-fit routine has also been a great way of keeping my self in shape whilst at home; talk about tension releasing too. LOL

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