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Thursday, May 19, 2011

It Is Never Too Late

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To slow down. To see where you’re going. To notice the stones on the road. To appreciate the beauty of sunlight. To feel the wind on your hair.

To say you love somebody, or that you need someone. To know what a good job others have done for you or that they look good. To tell them that you enjoy their company. To express that they make you happy. To say that you’re sorry for being impatient.

Most often than not, work and my unsociable tendencies hold me back keeping me away from important dates. You had to get me a last-minute replacement as one of your groom’s men on your wedding. On your first-born’s baptism, he was too young to remember that his ninong barely made it to the reception. Not to count all the cancelled dates because my work kept and my shallow tendencies kept me pre-occupied.

I remember your jokes. You said that if it was possible to clone me, you wouldn’t mind spending a fortune just to replicate the same, exact me.

And your random metaphoric words that exaggerate, “If you were God, the sun would not shine until 10:00 a.m. nor sit until 12:00 midnight!”

“There would be no rain until December because your birthday falls in August!”

“Night would not come until you finish your work!”

“If a computer could talk, you would be married to one.”

I am glad I am not late for you now. I realize you’ve given me strength and I want you to know that. You’ve inspired me and I want to tell you this personally. I want to hug you and tell you how much I love you. Were it not too late.

Today is your burial.


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